[Request] Lyxor Core Global Inflation-Linked 1-10Y Bond (DR) UCITS ETF - Monthly Hedged to GBP - Dist (GISG)

From fund factsheet:

Aims to track the Bloomberg Barclays Global Inflation-Linked 1-10 Year Index Unhedged USD, offsetting the impact of monthly variations of the index local currency vs. the GBP. The index is representative of the performance of inflation-linked government debt from global developed market countries with a remaining time to maturity between 1 and 10Y. The GBP-hedged share class offers the simplicity of a monthly currency hedge mechanism that is embedded in the investment product, representing an efficient solution to manage the foreign-exchange risk.

This would be a great option to round out my ISA and SIPP. The problem with the longer duration ETFs like the index-linked gilts is that they bring in a fair bit of interest rate risk when I really looking for an inflation hedge.

This seems to be a useful substitute for the Royal London Short Duration Global Inflation-linked bond OEIC that’s much loved on Monevator.