[Request] Mode Global Holdings (MODE)

Bitcoin trading app (pays 5% on BTC deposits), going ballistic this morning.


They’re on the main market

Sorry you are correct, it’s Standard Main Market. Should be added to freetrade asap @Viktor @sampoullain

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Agree, would like to invest. Please add

Would love to see Mode on Freetrade, they’re a very interesting company with grand ambitions to disrupt the fintech space - you should add!

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I only signed up to freetrade to buy Mode shares and just saw this thread

Crazy that it isn’t here. I’ll set up a trading212 account until freetrade get this one onboard. Huge growth potential

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I’d like to get some as well.
Can you add them pls?

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Thanks for letting us know

Same here. Can’t wait for it to be added to Freetrade