[Request] Nestlé S.A (NESN.SW)


This is the stock in the US market not the European one.

I hope this is added soon to Freetrade because given the huge interest in plant-based meat alternatives and after seeing the success of Beyond Meat (BYND), Nestlé is no doubt a big player on this area too.


That sounds good, but I guess I will stay away.

And rightly so

Hey fellow investors it would be great if we could ass Nestle to the stocks available.

There’s a bunch of requests already.

Google Finance: Nestle

Cereal, Coffee, & KitKats

With many people realising that working from home is feasible I anticipate a long term effect on city-center workers. Even if that is only a few %, the impact will be noticeable.

With that I expect to see sales fall in places like Starbucks and Pret. People will still want their coffee though, so I expect to see Nespresso sales rise (and others)


Hi, I can see there are various of post asking to include Nestle (NESN). Could you aggregate all the votes and add it in please?

Actually, there is a broader request here about when we will be able to access European stocks on the platform? I suspect being a Swiss stock, this might be one of the last exchanges to make it on to the platform :frowning:

But not having Nestle is like not having Unilever - huge multinational with household brands - prime investing territory, so it would be great to understand when we would see stocks like this arrive.


Stock request for Nestle (NESR) - International stock


Can you add Nestle SA