[Request] NextGen Acquisition Corp. II (NGCAU)

Can we get NGCAU - NextGen Acquisition Corp. II please.

Surprisingly cannot see it on the list already

Thanks :grin:

Apparently the favourite SPAC to merge with Virgin Orbit. VO is the exciting part of Bransonโ€™s space business for me, the ability to launch a satellite from anywhere with a 747 capable runway and so basic ground infrastructure could be a game changer. Also less risk of weather delay, not as cool as rocket thought and with a lower payload. :clap:t2: to @jnarbs for highlighting this one.


Really want a piece of this one :stuck_out_tongue: :+1:

1st successful launch of satellites for commercial paying customers for Virgin Orbit earlier today - Virgin Orbit Just Launched a Rocket Strapped to the Wing of a 747

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Would be really good to get on this ASAP

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@Victor any idea when this will be available?

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I donโ€™t suppose itโ€™s on the horizon is it @sampoullain ?

With all the hype around Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic adding this stock is basically a free honey email section! :wink: :honey_pot: :rocket:


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So Iโ€™m just going to bump this again.


Looks like itโ€™s a sure thing and it one of the few space stocks that could really be a good long term investment.

Could everyone fill out the stock request form again, the more we pester them wonderful folks at FT the fast we could be on this one.