[Request] Paradox Interactive (0GDU)

This is my first time requesting a stock, hopefully this is the correct way to do it.

I’d love to invest in this company through Freetrade. On the LSE it is under 0GDU , in the US it is under PRXXF


Overall I’d say there’s a lack of representation of video game companies on the app, but this one sticks out to me because they’re one of the market leaders in strategy games. Paradox are most well known as the creators of Cities: Skylines, the Crusader King series, Hearts of Iron series, Stellaris, and Prison Architect.

By committing to such a niche genre, Paradox have managed to create a thematically diverse range of video games that are distinct from one another despite maintaining the consistency that set them apart from competitors. Whilst rival companies just dabble in the strategy genre, Paradox have become unrivalled in their ability to tell compelling stories with their mixture of artwork and gameplay.

Their business model has been to continue updating releases with both free and paid content -the approach ensures a degree of long term profitability whilst still being seen as fair by their playerbase that can pick and choice the content they want. Unlike almost all other video game developers, the company have yet to release a controversially poor product. Considering that Paradox had a lower than expected profit in 2020 (possibly due to being unable to organise themselves through the pandemic), the stock price fell in February 2021. But as I see the company being a long term investment that will outperform competitors, this is probably one of the best times to buy.

Hopefully this comes to Freetrade; I don’t know if this is a barrier, but the company also trades on the Swedish, French and German markets as well as the UK and US.