[Request 👋] Planet 13 (PLTH.CN)

Planet 13 Holdings Inc.
Cannabis stock


Nice request. Vegas… you really can get anything there. You can vote yourself too, it helps get the number up


Would be good that this stock would be added asap, while the good time to invest has not passed. :roll_eyes:
Also not many companies sell this in UK, so Freetrade could benefit from it attracting more investors as well.

Freetrade please add this stock ASAP >.<

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Hope this can get as many approvals as soon as possible.
But would be even nicer if Freetrade team would look at the facts and do it asap without waiting for votes to be gathered for weeks on weeks…
Also, multiple other same industry related stocks was released except this one :roll_eyes:

Can we please make this available on Freetrade before it’s not too late for good opportunity?

What makes this a good opportunity in your opinion?

As it’s an OTC stock I doubt this will he added.

I would love to buy this stock as opportunity to grow big time.