[Request] Planet 13 (PLTH.CN)

Freetrade? Please!!!

Sorry as this is only available on Canadian exchanges, which Freetrade do not offer yet, or OTC in the US, again not a current Freetrade offering, this is unlikely to be added in the new future.

Dear Freetrade team,

Is it possible to add Planet 13 stock?

There is already a thread for this:

There share ideas only available OTC in the US or in Canada so as Freetrade does not offer any Canadian exchanges or OTC shares this will be a while coming.

Please will you consider adding Planet 13 Holdings Inc (PLNHF).

Planet 13 Holdings, Inc. engages in the manufacture and production of cannabis products. It also engages in the retail distribution and sale of cannabis and related products. The company was founded on April 26, 2002 and is headquartered in Las Vegas, NV.

This is a request not advice, please do your own research.

Thank you :+1:

The share you are requesting is an OTC and so won’t be added. There is a thread for the Canadian listed equity which could, eventually, be added:

Add planet 13 to stock listing please

Was just about to make same request! Amazing opportunity with this stock

There is already thread for this:

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Some heroes don’t wear capes.

Can we get this stock added !

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Steve, read the https://community.freetrade.io/t/community-rules/29

Advertising is against the rules, the community have reported you not FT :crazy_face: Do you like the stock, what are you here for?

Seeing the continued demand and many requests for this stock I can’t fathom why it hasn’t been added yet. Please Freetrade, add this stock.

Because its a Canadian stock. They’d need to offer this market first.

Thanks Adam, let’s hope some of the international markets get added soon. :slight_smile:

Cannabis company in the US with a massive dispensary in Vegas, and moving into California. Producing there on brand grows.

Planet 13 holdings only have Canadian and OTC Markets listings. It’s not going to happen here at :freetrade: anytime soon, if ever. Canada isn’t a priority and I don’t think they even want to support OTC Markets.

Hi Mark, there is more info here, the canadian exhange isn’t available yet so it won’t be immediate.

Viktor said they want every market on there eventually, I don’t think its that unlikely. Its got to be above some more obscure markets.

Maybe, but “eventually” isn’t particularly helpful. Those chasing low-cost OTC stocks they think are about to “pop” probably want things right now. I think it’s better to point out that the exchanges in question simply aren’t supported. Plus, I don’t think the listing partner even support OTC Markets. So it’s likely to be a long time.

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