[Request ๐Ÿ‘‹] Royal Mint Gold ETF - RMAU - PLEASE MERGE

be good to get this on. 22bps and custody at the oldest company in UK. 1100 years old and survived black death and spanish flu. Corona easy then. Plus all gold held is 100% responsibly sourced. Physical delivery of coins and bars as well if needed. pls can we add to the platform

Theyโ€™ve got the iShares Physical Gold which tracks the spot price

Rich123 i dont want my gold held in custody at a bank. i am holding gold as a financial hedge and defeats the object. All gold ETFs hold their gold at JP or HSBC. Thats why id like the Royal Mint. Other thing is most gold ETFs keep gold at banks in London. Royal Mint is near Cardiff. Better for war and terrorism. Maybe paranoid but given everything that is happeningโ€ฆ


@Viktor sorry to trouble you again but would you mind merging this one with the other RMAU thread and preserving the unique votes?