[Request] Space Exploration ETF

  • Ark Invest plans to add a “Space Exploration ETF” under the ticker ARKX, according to a securities filing on Wednesday.

  • While the ETF’s constituents have yet to be announced, shares of space companies Virgin Galactic and Maxar Technologies each jumped in after-hours trading.

  • The Space Exploration ETF would focus on companies that are “leading, enabling, or benefitting from technologically enabled products and/or services that occur beyond the surface of the Earth,” the filing said.

According to the filing the four categories/type of companies this ETF is investing are:

  • Orbital Aerospace e.g. satellites

  • Suborbital Aerospace e.g. drones, air taxies

  • Enabling Technologies e.g. AI, 3D printing

  • Aerospace Beneficiary Companies e.g. GPS, construction

“Space Exploration Companies can be grouped into four overarching categories, each of which contains relevant sub-elements. Orbital Aerospace Companies are companies that launch, make, service, or operate platforms in the orbital space, including satellites and launch vehicles. Suborbital Aerospace Companies are companies that launch, make, service, or operate platforms in the suborbital space, including drones, air taxis and electric aviation vehicles. Enabling Technologies Companies are companies that create the technologies required for successful value-add aerospace operations, including artificial intelligence, robotics, 3D printing, materials and energy storage. Aerospace Beneficiary Companies are companies that stand to benefit from aerospace activities, including agriculture, internet access, global positioning system (GPS), construction and imaging.”

[Request] ARK ETFs

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ahhhhh this is why $SPCE has rocketed overnight

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Agreed ARK is much needed, I keep trading SPCE but we need more space related stuff.

Under normal circumstances, substantially all of the Fund’s assets will be invested in equity securities, including common stocks, partnership interests, business trust shares and other equity investments or ownership interests in business enterprises.

(From the prospectus, emphasis mine.)

Does anyone know if this means they could, for example, invest in SpaceX directly? :eyes:

Shamelessly plugging my list of stocks in the space that I keep updated from time to time for an indication of what will be in the etf.


That is one hell of a post sir!

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