[Request] SPDR MSCI World Value UCITS ETF (VALW)



Investment strategy

The MSCI World Value Exposure Select index tracks value stocks from developed countries worldwide. The index seeks to avoid companies of poor quality. Title selection is based on fundamental accounting data, such as return on equity, debt to equity and variability of earnings.

Basically, a great ETF that targets both value and quality (profitability). Ideal for investors wanting to tilt their ETF portfolio towards these risk factors.

Freetrade’s value ETF offered (iShares World Value UCITS ETF) only targets value broadly. Research showed that value in large-cap stocks alone is not robust and is best paired with quality/profitability.

Google Finance screenshot:

Screen Shot 2021-08-29 at 11.11.29 AM

Factor investing/smart beta is getting popular; please add this to the ETF selection!! :rocket:

I do wonder have they got a Growth version in an ETF?