[Request] Stellus Capital Investment (SCM)

Dividend Yield: 9.59%

Also add Stellus Capital Investment to your list of monthly dividend stocks to scoop up if you’re looking for regular monthly income.

Like Capitala Finance, Stellus is categorized as a business development company. And also like Capitala, Stellus is [focused on so-called “middle market” outfits that may be too big or too risky for traditional loans but too small to raise funds by going public. Its portfolio includes [food distributor GoodSource Solutions, home-health product provider Compass Health and business software outfit Valued Relationships Inc, just to name a few.

It’s arguably a [little less risky than Capitala, in that most of its investment are in companies currently yielding a (very) positive EBITDA. The trade-off is a lower dividend yield.

After doing some research, it gets a vote from me. It looks like a great monthly dividend stock. I want to invest in this.