[Request 👋] Tencent (TCEHY)

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Some big projects at Tencent, I wish I could buy shares in these.

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Although the overall number of search queries in China has continued to show modest growth, Chinese users now spend ever more time on short video and messaging platforms, where they are exposed to content that is not indexable by Baidu.

Baidu’s advantage is the vast amount of user data it has accumulated from a decade of being the top search provider in China, fielding more than 70 per cent of queries to allow the company to optimise results better than any competitors.

But users now spend more time in feeds provided by Baidu’s competitors, and recommendations rather than search play a larger role in the information they consume, according to Mr Dai. “That’s an irreversible trend. Overall search is becoming less and less useful,” he said.

In August, ByteDance, the company behind short-video app TikTok and one of the world’s most valuable start-ups, launched a search function within its Jinri Toutiao news aggregator. Backed by SoftBank, ByteDance’s popular games, news and short video apps have made it a rare Chinese start-up to boast a sizeable overseas audience.

“ByteDance has gained so much traffic through its news feed and short video apps, many users already started to search for content within its systems, that’s why they are taking search to the next level and commercialising it,” according to Zhang Xueru, an analyst at Shanghai-based 86 Research.

“The problem [for Baidu search] is not that its business model is wrong; it’s that user behaviour is changing,” said Ms Zhang.

Bytedance’s advertising alliance Pangolin, launched in 2018, boasts 36bn requests per day from 700m active users, as well as what analysts estimate is now the largest network of advertisers in China.

Source - https://www.ft.com/content/aff3c012-f184-11e9-ad1e-4367d8281195

Could you look to add Tencent
Chinese stock

The search function shows that there is already a much-voted-for thread on Tencent:

We need this stock. Price is low right now.

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Seriously hoping Freetrade finds a way to add this stock.

Tencent also a major investor in Nio, the Chinese Tesla / https://kr-asia.com/tencent-bets-bigger-in-nio-with-new-loans-that-can-be-converted-into-shares

I’d pick up some Tencent if it became available.

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Whilst there is a lot of interest for the request of Tencent stock, as European based investors, would it not be easier and better to gain exposure to Tencent via Prosus N.V ?

Prosus owns 31% of naspers worth about $130 billion but its market cap is only $118 billion. This means by investing in Prosus not only are you getting Tencent at a discount but you are also getting investments in companies like Delivery Hero, Swiggy and iFood for free! Here’s an article that explains Prosus and its opportunity .

I’d be keen on this stock too

Making all the right moves!


Am sure it’s been requested before, but please add Tencent ASAP.



Hey Andre, as Shane has indicated, Tencent has already been requested, please use the existing thread for discussion :slight_smile:

Hope you won’t mind if I close this topic to avoid duplication.


Guys we any closer???


Please add TCEHY (Tencent) in Free trade soon. Its a shame being one of the popular BAT (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent) Stock of china is not available on free trade still :frowning:

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Baidu and Alibaba are.

I know Baidu and Alibaba are available on general investment account

How about Naspers? It’s a holding company which owns around 30% of tencent and listed in Amsterdam

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