[Request] The Very Good Food Co Inc (VERY)

The Very Good Food Co., Inc. operates as a plant-based food technology company. It designs, develops, produces, distributes and sells a variety of plant-based meat and other food alternatives. The firm’s products include The Very Good Burger, Smokin Burgers, Very British Bangers, Pepperoni, Ribz, Taco Stuffier, Roast Beast and Steak. The company was founded by Mitchell Scott and James Davison on December 27, 2016 and is headquartered in Victoria, Canada.

It should be a potential company.

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Can we please add this stock? It’s now or never!!!

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bout to take this one on @sampoullain ? :slight_smile:
this is an amazing company with astronomical growth, it would be amazing to be able to get in early on this :wink: