Request - Trine Acquisition Corp (TRNE) - SPAC for Desktop Metal

Would be good to list this. This is a SPAC that plans to merge with Desktop Metal - 3D Metal printing/Additive Manufacturing company. Excited about 3D printing as a future technology.

Desktop Metal took a large investment from Ford and Ford use them in development and small scale production parts currently.

Investor presentation deck here Interesting interview with Desktop Metal founder - Ric Fulop discussing the SPAC. I will for sure be investing.

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Looks good, according to one of the ARK analysts Tasha Keeney Exone does something similar and is already listed with a market cap ~200m. But ARK is invested in Exone so hardly unbiased.


Is this SPAC being added?? If so, any idea when?

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Are there any plans to add this please?

Absolutely. We are on it.


Thank you Viktor :+1: