[Request] TwentyFour Select Monthly Income Fund (SMIF)

A share for income investors.
A monthly income stock
A fixed distribution of 0.5 pence per share for 11 months then a balancing payment (previously at least >1.0p per share) in month 12.
Usually trades slightly above NAV

Seriously needed!

This isn’t on the app despite the title?

A great monthly income fund

Was this added and then removed? If yes, why?

any chance of having this added to the platform? keen to start buying some in my ISA

hi guys, i am looking to use up the last of my ISA allowance for 21/22 and would really love to have SMIF on the platform. could this possibly be added before the new tax year :slight_smile:

Hi @Viktor is it possible to have this in the app it’s been requested from a long time ago.

Please add this if possible.


Looks like it would meet spread, market cap & volume requirements. We’ve other with the same stats added.


Good for monthly divis, if you need that.

Voted. I can’t see why this couldn’t be added. As @NeilB says, it seems to meet all the requirements. TwentyFour’s other debt-focused trust (TFIF) is already in the stock universe too.

It’s worth pointing out that there are some alternatives in this sector that are on the platform such as HDIV, BIPS and NCYF although they’re all quarterly payers.

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Definatley want this. Think everyone wa ts to see more monthly dividends

This may now be unlikely to be added anytime soon. TFIF was pulled due to it being a complex product and SMIF may also require an appropriateness check. Don’t get too hung up monthly dividends. Frequency hardly matters and there are some viable alternatives in this sector on the platform.