[Request 👋] VanEck Vectors Video Gaming and eSports ETF (£ESGB/$ESPO)

My preference would also be for ESGB for the reasons noted by others. The video gaming industry is massive, I would be very interested in adding this to my portfolio.


At the moment Freetrade are not adding ETFs priced in US dollars.

Please please pleas add this!!


I have this fund with Hargreaves Lansdown, it’s my biggest winner. If you add this, I will move my ISA to FT.


We’d really like to, but at the moment, there’s an operational issue with it. Give us some time. We are keen to add it.

We read and analyse every request by the way.


Good to know it under your radar!

Good to know! Yes, this is one that is going to generate much interest within this community. This is a subsector of gaming that will itself be bigger than hollywood sooner rather than later. Another vote here!

Definite vote for this. ESGB preferred to avoid FX fees.

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