[Request] Vanguard ESG Global All Cap Ucits ETF (V3AM)

I will also be switching in a significant way and looking to invest in funds that are actively changing the infrastructure rather than doing less bad.


Another day, another chance to vote.

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Voted - a great addition to have. The ESG screened alternative to VWRL.


Please :wink: @Viktor

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There are no independent ESG scores for V3AM because it is so new - MCSI will probably evaluate it in 6 months. However, because it’s based on the FTSE Global All Cap Choice Index, we cannot expect its ESG scores to be particularly high :frowning: .

But if anyone is looking for trackers that are likely to have higher ESG scores than V3AM, then:

  1. do please add your vote for SUSW (and its GBP-denominated version SGWS) right here - it has high ESG scores, is nicely global, and has reasonable costs.
  2. and in the meantime, there are some region-specific trackers with solid ESG scores already on Freetrade (SUUS, SUJA, IESG, SUES).
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This is really good.

Most importantly it is All-Cap, rather than just mid-large cap like the MSCI based ones that are already on Freetrade from iShares.

Comparing the MSCI Vs FTSE indexes, the FTSE one outperforms.

I will be checking all the brokers to see if they have this one. I am with vanguard but also with ii & YouInvest.


Hope Freetrade adds this soon, will be useful to many people

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Fingers crossed this week. Have some cash ready to buy it :dart:



Looking at other brokers AJ Bell YouInvest & Interactive Investor have all 4 variants of this ETF: USD & GBP, Income & Accumulation.

I will probably stick to GBP accumulation one with them.

I’m sure Freetrade will add this. I’m ready when they do :ok_hand:t4:

Freetrade are just as bad as HL who also still don’t have it.

Freetrade are much better in my opinion :blush:

Well AJ Bell have in-specie transfers, larger universe, LISA account and V3AB ETF.

So Freetrade is trailing behind in features.

@Viktor could we get this sorted please, I want access to V3AM and V3AB and I’m sure this will be high demand in the community