[Request] Vanguard ESG Global All Cap Ucits ETF (V3AM)

This is really good.

Most importantly it is All-Cap, rather than just mid-large cap like the MSCI based ones that are already on Freetrade from iShares.

Comparing the MSCI Vs FTSE indexes, the FTSE one outperforms.

I will be checking all the brokers to see if they have this one. I am with vanguard but also with ii & YouInvest.


Hope Freetrade adds this soon, will be useful to many people

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Fingers crossed this week. Have some cash ready to buy it :dart:

Voted, I also think this would be a great addition along with V3AB (acc. version)




Looking at other brokers AJ Bell YouInvest & Interactive Investor have all 4 variants of this ETF: USD & GBP, Income & Accumulation.

I will probably stick to GBP accumulation one with them.

I’m sure Freetrade will add this. I’m ready when they do :ok_hand:t4:

Freetrade are just as bad as HL who also still don’t have it.

Freetrade are much better in my opinion :blush:

Well AJ Bell have in-specie transfers, larger universe, LISA account and V3AB ETF.

So Freetrade is trailing behind in features.

@Viktor could we get this sorted please, I want access to V3AM and V3AB and I’m sure this will be high demand in the community


Please add this!

I’ve been waiting nearly a month for this on the platform, I’ll give it a couple more days before I resort to moving on - I don’t get why there was so much excitement to release a load of SPACs but not something more sustainable like this.


I’m sure they’re working on getting this and other ETFs on the app. Those SPACs and US stocks are easier to add because they’re traded through a US partner firm.

They can’t really use lack of trade volume as an issue with this ETF as it has more daily trades than some other ETFs already on the platform


Anyone else interested in this Herbert ?

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