[Request :Wave:] Vanguard FTSE All World Acc ETF (VWRP)

Please could you add VWRP? There doesn’t seem to be any global accumulating vanguard ETFs, so thats why I’m asking :slight_smile:

Edit: Meant to say VWRP, not VWRL!

Edit2: Having a accumulating ETF would be especially beneficial given that we cant do automatic dividend reinvestment currently in Freetrade.

Hello welcome :wave:

The accumulating version of VWRL is called VWRA (iirc). I’ll split this out into a topic so you can vote for it.

Sorry I meant to write VWRP!

I think VWRP would be better than VWRA, as VWRA is demoninated in USD, so with that you’d get the currency charges when buying and selling. On the other hand VWRP is denominated in GBP so you wouldn’t need to pay that fee.

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No worries. At least it’s right now!

It would be great if we could get VWRP as soon as possible! It’s much more tax efficient if you need to hold it outside an ISA vs VWRL.

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Vote added - Would love to see an accumulating global equities ETF.

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There have been ETFs added recently with less votes than this one (VAPX), including some which I cant even find a voting thread for (VNRT). Please add this one.

Would also like to see this, I imagine for a lot of users accumulating ETFs are going to be more useful than distributing because in smaller accounts you won’t get a payment that corresponds to a nice whole number of units.