[Request] Volkswagen Group - (€VOW) DUPLICATE

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Please search before posting. It’s pretty much guaranteed that every major company on an exchange not currently supported has been added. It’s frustrating to see yet another one of these.

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You can get it on Trading212, not sure if they are currently taking sign ups. I think I’ve had like 40% growth in the last year.

T212 not accepting new UK user but should T212 cease trading your stocks could be sold to pay their debts. This in their new T&C and is very Concerning.


Is that legal? If you have a link to that specific part, that would be great.

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I’m not expert on financial regulations so will leave that to other more informed to weigh in, it doesn’t smell right is all I can say.

Credit to @Raul for the original post. Freetrade Competitors - #200 by Raul

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