[Request] Wizz Air Holdings (WIZZ)

Wizz Airline, in general it would be nice to add more aviation stocks

See this thread for info

Any chance of this being added in the near future?

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Wizz Air seem to be trying to make the most of covid-19. As opposed to lost other airlines they’re trying to grow their fleet. They have an average flier age of c.32; their core customers are less affected by divide and still travelling.

After an awful experience in 2017, I can safely say I would rather walk to my destination than use Wizz Air. Absolute bunch of cowboys!

You could say that! Atrocious customer service and business practices unfortunately. Just check their 1 star reviews on Trip Advisor.

Wizz Air Holdings Plc was the fastest-growing European airline before the pandemic…

I agree its an interesting one. They are investing heavily in landing slots to scale quickly once the pandemic is over. I added it to the stock request sheet previously but not seen it on the app yet.