Research proposal

(ashik) #1

Any good research proposals I can write about for univisity for dissertation I am a accounting and finance student. Something to do with stocks, finance, companies or economics

(Emma) #2

That’s incredibly broad. Any particular aspect you’re interested in?

(ashik) #3

Something like how if everyone one in. The country invests the economy will improve

(Ben) #4

High five. I graduated from Aberdeen uni with the same joint honours. My research was in how universities were financed in the uk and compared with similarly ranked US establishments. Best bit of uni.


Trickle down economics

(PeterM) #6

I highly recommend this corporate finance professor from Stern NYU. He provides amazing analysis on company / market / country performance, stock values, market etc and easy to understand. I base all my stock execution on his research! Check it out

(Jonny) #7

I did mine on ‘Economics vs Environmental Sustainability’ which was depressing…