Revolut Free Trading Tweet? 🦅

(Kenny Grant) #215

I use Starling for business banking. I don’t like their UI much at all, especially for business, a flashy circle as the home page showing daily spend is particularly useless. Categories are also entirely unsuited to business use, and with the forum shutting down, their engagement with customers is not good. Not as bad as the Atom bank UI but it’s not great. It’s serviceable, but I’m going to move back to Tide next year. In comparison with Monzo I’d say Starling don’t have a very good UI (the Monzo feed is way better as a way of keeping track), and are not as friendly (see policies like not allowing you to reopen an account for 12 months) but in comparison with a legacy bank it might be fine.

To go back to Revolut, they seem to be trying to do everything, with minimal customer service and have questionable ethics IMO. Not the sort of values I’d like to see in a company holding my life savings.


Well, I was seriously considering linking my Starling account to my Freetrade account but I might have second thoughts now.

Not because of what’s been said above, sinceI am very happy with my Starling app (it does what I want it to do and what I expect it to do) but I’ve suddenly thought that linking a banking app to a trading app is just (to me) asking for something to go wrong…

I think I might just link my old school legacy bank to be on the safe side…

(Emma) #217

Not sure I understand. It’s as regulated as a legacy bank and performs most of the same functions


Burn! :joy:


I think I’m just old fashioned, combiing old with new!


He’s keen. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

— david osorio (@dosorioalvarez) 20 November 2018

(Viktor) #221

investing app :innocent:

(Giridhar Tammana) #222

What share was worth £130.26 :thinking:


One of the Corp Bonds?

Wonder if they’ve photoshopped or borrowed the image from somewhere :thinking:


I have no clue with share prices. Someone on board might be able to answer this. But I like his attitude…not. :sneezing_face:

(Emma) #225

EQQQ is about that much I think

Should have said hello or something first, rude

If my basic kept failing I’d try an instant :woman_shrugging:

(Vladislav Kozub) #226

I’m curious how much this trader lost due to that rejected single share :joy:


So is this guy having genuine issues placing a trade or is he faking it?

(Emma) #228

Legit but we don’t know why it’s failing. Could be he’s not allocating enough funds. He is using it to promote Revolut though


I can’t find any ETFs priced +/- £130.26 for yesterday but I’ve not looked exhaustively.

Looks like a ETF because there’s no “Stamp duty” in the screenshot.

(Chris) #230

If I was cynical, I would suggest that they placed an order they could guarantee would fail based on market conditions.
However, I’m not cynical.

(Matteo) #231

I find funny that he said that he is losing money every day when a good number of securities are going down. By staying in cash he is actually earning :face_with_hand_over_mouth: therefore he should not complain.
I’m really curious what was that single share.

(Vladislav Kozub) #232

It definitely is NASDAQ 100 (EQQQ) as @Rat_au_van presumed.

Currently at £125 with a 4% drop in the last week.

(Emma) #233

So Freetrade saved him money by not executing it?

Go Freetrade :boom:

(Giridhar Tammana) #234

Basically, Revolut is far away from having stock trading or he is trying Freetrade for inspiration :wink: