Revolut Free Trading Tweet? 🦅

(Vladislav Kozub) #235

That’s £5 saving or 4% within a day. With Barclays’ 0.3% interest it would take 15 years to grow from £125 to £130!

But jokes aside, it is still reasonable to expect an execution to be undertaken. Albeit not in the way a said individual articulated it :sweat_smile:

You mean to see what a proper broker should look like? :smiley:


What a ridiculous company if that’s how they behave. And what a stupid person to think the blatent links to revolut would go unnoticed.

(Emma) #237

Yep, didn’t take long to come out

Joking aside there’s nothing Freetrade can say about this so all we have is speculation. Not sure if there’s much more we can say on this one

(Matteo) #238

Thanks @Rat_au_van and @Vlad for the information on the share in question.

I agree that is reasonable to expect the trade to be executed but without more information is really hard to say the reason why it failed in this case.
Anyway if he was in such a rush to buy he should have chosen the instant trade.

(Chris) #239

General consensus then is that Revolut are dodgier than the Brexit deal?


lol no, I still have so many questions:

  • why he thought he lost money?
  • when’s the Revolut investing app coming? never(?)
  • why he’s day trading at work?
  • why his day trading strategy involves buying only 1 ETF share?

The list is endless… :man_shrugging:

(Big Boss) #241

I know David is trolling this community forum trying to get some insight into what is going to be the greatest investment app in the world…

Just wanted to say…

(Dave Smith) #242

Is anyone else having these kind of problems? I don’t see many complaints in here


I had one failure, once - i haven’t traded much this month and don’t imagine i will until the New Year because of Christmas and birthdays.

Unless i get selected for the ISA then I will be trading

(Vladislav Kozub) #244

Had one during the very early days and was informed hours in advance - never caused issues.

I believe the reason you do not see many here is because the right channel to report such things is the in-app chat, which is where you could get best advice on what happened. Sometimes it can be something wrong on Freetrade’s/Exchange’s side. But another reason could also be something trivial like insufficient funds to cover the transaction or a significant price change.

(Kenny Grant) #245

I had this happen twice during very early testing, and remember they had to turn buying off at least once. It was very early in the rollout as they were testing with the first customers so I didn’t think much of it. So I think probably the failure was genuine and this was just an inappropriate and ill-judged attempt to promote his company’s product off the back of a failure during early beta of a competitor, not some kind of fabrication. The losing money daily argument is pretty silly though if you’re investing - reinforces for me that freetrade should stick to investment, not trading.

The one thing I would like to see from freetrade is a reason given for failed trades - I’d be really interested to know why they failed, but that’s just because I’m curious.

(Alex Sherwood) #246

Here’s one we wrote earlier :smile: this seemed like a good time to publish the blog post -

(Dave Smith) #247

I realise the forum isn’t the proper place to report problems, but I’d expect to see complaints in here if people were “Losing money daily”. Just wondering if it is a common issue or if he’s just trying to denigrate a competitor




Quick, someone suggest Freetrade :wink:

(Emma) #250

That’s got to be Chad