Revolut Free Trading Tweet? 🦅

(Yogesh) #275

Very odd. why there was no compete clause?

(Vladislav Kozub) #276

Not sure if the information is correct as at now, but this is what Experian says:


I take it this is because Freetrade have an anti-intermediary stance, but I wonder whether licensing the tech/platform to Revolut in some kind of European partnership would have made sense in some way. Just a thought but still no doubts Freetrade can go it alone.

(Rob N) #278

The decision to replace Andre will have considered he may go to Revolut. IMO he wasn’t the right person for the next level, where Freetrade needed someone who can collaborate, build a team and a build a culture that engineers would want to work in. I just don’t think he was the right personality, I think he isolated himself at Freetrade where he couldn’t complete the job himself or build a team to complete it, there were perpetual delays!

I remember the picture below where he’s the only one not involved in the Freetrade swag! You need team players especially in leadership roles…

If he owns shareholdings then he’ll have a million or more in Freetrade so I wouldn’t have thought he’d want to damage that nest egg :thinking:



Regarding Ian Fuller I noticed this quote in the article:

Under his leadership, we’ve finally launched our app and have been working on a new investment platform, which we are excited about rolling out in the coming months”.

New investment platform? What have I missed!?

(Alex Sherwood) #280

As usual you haven’t missed anything :wink: I’m pretty sure that this is the first time we’ve mentioned it.

It’s a little bit soon to share more details now but believe me, we will!


Android? Website? Apple Watch?

(Big Boss) #282


Oh oh oh! Is Monzo the new platform!!??

(Happy St Patrick’s Day ) #284

Monzo have investment pots coming soon. Know Nutmeg is one partner so there’s room for more


I wonder if Monzo will show existing holdings as well, or just new holdings.

P.S. Happy Birthday :birthday: :tada: :slightly_smiling_face:


I don’t know how Freetrade is set up, but imagine if you were able to trade direct from your Monzo account (maybe using API’s or something) that could make Android available sooner?

Am I grasping?

(Chris) #287

Yes, yes you are :joy:

I’d love too see them linked but more in a instant money transfer capability.



I wonder when they will announce

(Happy St Patrick’s Day ) #289

Twitter is fun tonight :popcorn:

(Chris) #290

18th July or thereabouts

(Chris) #291

Who to believe? The bullshit artist who revises history to suit them or Viktor :thinking:

(Happy St Patrick’s Day ) #292

I have £5 on Viktor to win

(Big Boss) #293

Chad so funny… his tweet change very quickly.


Did anyone notice that in the latest Revolut update the button that used to be greyed out and say “Trading - Coming soon” has been replaced with “Perks - Coming soon” ?