Revolut Free Trading Tweet? 🦅


Before today’s update:

After today’s update:



They will offer some form of investment product this year, even if it’s a integration with a robo-advisor because they won’t want to slip behind, just look at this goal for Monzo in 2019

More ways to save and invest your money . Investing need not be something only for the very wealthy. Imagine investing by rounding up all your spending, or setting a rule to send any money spare at the end of the month into your ISA.


(Emma (#20 😎)) #297

Nutmeg has been unofficially confirmed and they have loads of ISA management permissions



I was hoping we would get a cryptic message pointing to Freetrade :wink:

Dream scenarios aside, Nutmeg + Monzo is a good start.


(Big Boss) #299

Trading and lounges been there for ages. Finally get lounges but wonder how truly value for money they are? I’ve been to one of these Lounge Key lounges in Gatwick and it’s pretty weak.

Removal of trading maybe suggests that it is still some ways away? I don’t have any intel unfortunately, just speculating based on how long it’s been there and they have nothing to show for it.

Perks sound pretty cool… Anyone know what sort of perks you should expect?

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Perks, in my opinion, are terrible. Generally consists of 10% cashback from a random retailer, up to a maximum of £1 and valid only for 48 hours. Perk then expires and you have to re-earn to get another £1 max cashback from another retailer :rofl:


(Big Boss) #301

Ahhh… kinda like Amex offers but more :poop:?

Amex offers ain’t bad - 20% off Goodman restaurants right now. Go go go!



Agreed… but if they capped it @ £1 max discount, that’s not getting you much steak!


(Giridhar Tammana) #303

Just thinking, we need unhappy :poop: emoji. Not happy :poop:

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95% of perks are simply not relevant to me or the redemption period is too short; they cycle between 7-8 different retailers or so. Pret 50% cashback up to £4 is good, but you have to be quick.

Psychologically though, this gamification actually does make me use the card more often, I shamefully admit. But the appeal wears off.

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(Jonny) #305

Speaking of perks. Flux are trying to embed loyality cards in Monzo’s API.

The result is pretty cool however, I reckon the adoption by retailers will be super slow!

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(Harry) #306

Flux could be a huge change, real value would come from retailers such as Tesco and Sainsbury’s adopting it and that may well take a while.

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(Jonny) #307

Completely agree. Very unlikely seeing the success & adoption of the club card etc schemes though :cry:

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Good luck to Revolut to getting an Android app out then!!

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Spotted on the Monzo forum - things are going from bad to worse quite quickly for Revolut:


(Denislav) #311

I just continue to roll my eyes :roll_eyes: and stay away from their thing.



Installed user base of 4m across geographies is a good foundation for when they turn the commission freetrading tap on. Hopefully by then Freetrade will have a higher public profile and at least half a million customers:

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(Emma (#20 😎)) #313

Those final touches have been going on a while already

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(Mike Smart) #314

Might just be me, but it seems a little odd to put double quotes around “Trading” in that last tweet.