Revolut Free Trading Tweet? 🦅


We must factor in the incredible effort the Freetrade team made in doing this all on a shoestring seed budget of £1m in 18 months. Imagine what the fastest EU fintech Unicorn can do with more money. Also, when Freetrade rolls out it will essentially be in beta because it will only offer U.K. stocks to begin with & unroll the universe from their. Hopefully, Freetrade now has more impetus to rollout before Revolut try muscle in on our patch.

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I think when it comes to licensing and approvals, you are more exposed to the authorities’ waiting timescales and delays, but that is only an assumption.


For sure and that’s why I mention the behind-the-scene unknowns. They could have been working with the authorities on this silently for all we know.

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Just noticed, 16 posts away. My memory can store up to 3 and only if these are 1-line. :joy:

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Here is an article from Reuters that covers their announcement, including free stock trading.


So that’s Currency Card’s, Banking, Small Business Banking, Robofunds, Stock Trrading.

What’s left? Insurance? Card payments like Stripe? Accounting? Book Keeping?


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And then getting into liquidation due to under-delivering all of the aspects…

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Don’t they already do travel & device insurance?


So they do. Still scope for Home, Car, Business Insurance, how about Pet Insurance or Life Insurance.

Not sure how I’d feel having one company service all the things I need, one bad experience and it’ll make you question all the other offerings.


It’s more of a marketplace model without explicitly using the term “marketplace” as say Monzo will do so. Revolut for instance doesn’t directly underpin it’s insurance offers, but has a partner that enables it to offer insurance to its customers. The same way the Reuters article states that Revolut plans to enter the US with a “banking partner”.


Let’s be honest, how long before all the main brokers start offering a no-fees model?

Interesting times people. But I like to think I have backed a winner.


Maybe longer than one would expect because their whole op is optimised for high cost base/higher revenue.

Basically they might need to do a 50% head count cut. And then simultaneously improve the ux on their app/web service or it’s pointless.


What makes you say this? Apparently, they broke even at some point early this year; isn’t this promising for a growth-stage fintech?

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We will see their accounts in summer and will find out. Whilst it could be right, the total by the end of the year may have changed. Bear in mind the statement was made in early February, relatively soon after Christmas and New Year, quite juicy periods and loads of transactions.

CNBC report:

The firm declined to disclose any figures on revenues or losses, and said it made no sense to do so due to the competitive market it operates in.


No matter how one cuts it; the busy period applies to all the fintechs and only Revolut managed to break even among its peers. This is impressive surely?

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I think @Toby was replying to this @Diversify

Also @Toby, just to add: they might also need to figure out how to speak to that segment of the market Freetrade has actually identified as being the big opportunity in the first place.


Aaaaaah cheers. I got a notification that made me think Toby was replying to me, but I guess I just got that because I am the thread creator :joy:

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You are absolutely right, very impressive to breakeven, even being 5 years since inception and 3 years of real growth. I just think it is a too risky bet, they get into too many things and at some point, they may become unmanageable. As @saf said:

I had a bad experience with their allegedly “best” currency exchange rates and have since left for a better banking offer. The reason for astonishing growth at the moment could also be that they are international. Monzo established two years after but have more customers in the UK regardless. Once they are out in the EU, more people may reevaluate their choice. Same applies when chosing between Freetrade and Revolut. Where are their sneak pics? Can’t see! :smirk:

After all, you want the best for every service. Which is why in most cases the most efficient option will be a different broker, a different bank, a different insurance provider (cannot see how moneysupermarket can even be beaten!) and so forth.

Edit: but do not get me wrong, the company is still admirable. I just cannot resist sliding away from the topic and spitting my subjective opinion on it so please accept my apologies :roll_eyes:

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This isn’t new news. Revolut has been saying since the autumn at ‘Rev Rallies’ they would be adding stock trading and a robo/wealth service. Word is they are ‘partnering’ with ETFmatic for the wealth stuff (it was supposed to go live before Xmas). I could speculate on the stock trading stuff but will save that for another post.

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Revolut’s strategy