Revolut Free Trading Tweet? 🦅

(Rob Sexton) #82

Possibly, but it’s hard to see at the current price how that can work when you consider everything else it includes.

But like I say, we’ll wait and see when their pricing model comes out.


They might have a free quota, so x trades per/month and they’ll be batch traded to keep costs down.

On the flip side the usage might be concentrated to a few users and the rest not bothering or the rest picking the Revolut Wealth offering in which case they can do unlimited free trades.

In any event you might find people use Revolut and then realise they need more and move to Freetrade. So it doesn’t have to be a zero-sum game.


If margin trading will be available to all, I think this would be profitable in of itself. This is me commenting off the top-of-my-head, so don’t quote me on this.

Would it be possible to have a blog post on margin trading and why Freetrade are choosing not to offer this? @Toby

(Rob Sexton) #85

Ask and you shall receive - I’ve just managed to volunteer myself to write one…!


Margin trading is famously profitable for firms but also famously easy for investors to lose money.

The decision not to go for margin was very considered.

As mentioned in this post, as well as our tech, one of our big innovations is that we’ve created a business model that puts our customers first.

We don’t want to be incentivised to push risky, get-rich-quick or other traditionally money-losing trading behaviours.

That’s basically why we won’t pursue margin trading - it seems far more relevant to a spread-betting/cfd audience anyway.

But we’re interested to write a more in-depth blog - good idea.


And Rob will be the man to do it :wink:

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I would like to see Freetrade win this war with its speedy execution. Execution is everything! :slight_smile:

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@rebeccaty Super important, agreed!


You know the war is on when both companies start sparring on social media :men_wrestling::rofl:

(Chris) #91

Look forward to having something to do a proper comparison with.


I don’t want to sound anti Revolut because I’ve never used it so I have zero experience of the company but I would like to make an observation, my opinion.

They appear to be a company that looks around and says “Oh they’re doing banking, let’s do that, oh look they’re doing free share dealing, let’s do that, etc.”

Now I could be wrong and they could have a whole roadmap with all this stuff in the pipeline.

Margin accounts: marginal benefits
(Chris) #93

That’s the impression I get too.


But equally I think it is incorrect to compare ourselves against Revolut, surely our competitors are the established brokers- if Revolut and Freetrade can provide a better experience then good luck to all parties.

It’s like when people compare Monzo to Starling, no even Monzo say their competitors are HSBC, Lloyds, Barclays etc. not Starling.


All I can recommend on this front is to try Revolut as a product out for yourself. It’s the best way to understand what they’re doing.

On the point of they seem to want to do everything, I don’t see what’s different from Monzo wanting to be one “financial control centre” and Revolut. It’s just that atm Revolut are ahead but sooner or later Monzo will have their Marketplace & i’d be interested if Monzo receive similar comments. (Not sure if this is worded as succinctly as I’d like but I’m watching the England friendly :soccer:️)

I agree the big broker are the main competition, However it’s hard to see Revolut as a non-competitor when it blatantly tries to steal our thunder as EU’s Robinhood before our share certificates have even arrived yet :weary:

(Alex Sherwood) #96

I think the difference is that Monzo’s focused on building a banking solution e.g. a service that enables you to manage all of your finances in one place & that’s it. Stockbroking deserves as much focus as any other financial product in my opinion so I’m willing to bet that you won’t see Monzo or Starling offering a stock trading service in their apps.

They may offer access to third party services through their marketplace but in that case they’d be integrating with a dedicated provider like Freetrade. Focus is good if you want to deliver the best in class solution for any category.

Of course if you raise as much money as Revolut has, it must be tempting to go after everything but there’s a danger that, that will limit their product. We’ll have to wait & see.


I think most on here would be as vocal on all even Freetrade ( sorry guys ) :joy:


True, they do seem to be thunder stealing - maybe it’s a “must get to market first, even when not ready” attitude.

But you are correct I should look into them soon, give a balanced opinion.


Yes. Just want to add a proper marketplace has more than one company for a given function e.g. multiple Cash ISA providers

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This :point_up:

We’re 100% focused on building the best stockbroker in the world, the best investment experience for our customers without compromises. Strangely, it doesn’t seem anyone else is doing this, anywhere, including Robinhood.


Keep that your focus and people will flock, and why wouldn’t they? It’s not just about the money (to be saved and made) it’s about working together, instead of feeding off people we create a synergy.

Blimey i need to find a tree to hug quick!