Reward - May 2020


I invested in the raise on crowdcube in May 2020…

I am still waiting for the reward to be sent. When is this going to happen? You can’t keep blaming covid.

Slightly concerning that it has taken almost two years(and counting…) for you to ship a hoodie…let’s hope the rest of the business isn’t as dysfunctional…

They lost their supplier due to covid but we did get an email to choose in Nov 2020 and it turned up early 2021.

I keep getting fobbed off that they will ship mine in the next batch… no date for that. They shipped it once before… to the wrong address! S**t show.

Same here still waiting despite raising on chat/DMs and now even a complaint! Been going on for months with the same response.

Pinging @DanielE !

Okay looks like people are still waiting for rewards from last year. I only invested early this year and came here to see if there was any update on the rewards.

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