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Too right, I have bought more this morning. I need to remind myself that this is a long term investment so rather than seeing the drop in share price as a loss I see it as an opportunity to buy shares on the cheap in a high value stable company


Hi all,

FYI Rio Tinto Group Announces Interim Ordinary Dividend, Payable on September 22, 2022. Summary: Divided cut, but CEO not concerned about the future economic conditions . Perhaps because they cut the coupon :wink:

On 22 September 2022, Rio Tinto Group will pay the 2022 interim ordinary dividend of 267 US Cents. The ex-dividend date is 11 August 2022. Rio Tinto plc shareholders will receive 221.63 pence per share for the interim dividend and Rio Tinto Limited shareholders will receive 383.70 Australian cents per share for the interim dividend based on the applicable exchange rates on 26 July 2022. ADR holders receive dividends at the declared rate in US dollars."


Thanks for the update soko👍


:heart_eyes: September pay day. Will be able to pay my gas bill :grin:


It’s not a dividend cut as in the standard definition. RIO has a dividend policy of distributing circa 50% of underlying earnings. The mining industry is cyclical so earnings and dividends will follow the cycle.


absolutely agree. And I think it prudent.

Nooooooo they made my rio tinto stock plus only noooooooo

That can’t be so - It is a FTSE100 company. I checked the app to make sure … you may have experienced a glitch of some kind.


Ahh it says under the info when I clicked on it that its a plus only stock, glad to hear I can still buy yipeeee

RIO is not a Plus only stock. It is in the basic list.

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Thanks it was a glitch

Anyone still buying shares with Rio?

Yep, and when it’s edging closer to £45 like today, then it’s tempting to top up. Unlike many on here, it’s my only mining stock :hushed:

Oh yes. Everyone needs a bit of Rio in their portfolio :heart_eyes:


Was there supposed to be a dividend payment yesterday?

Yes due date was 22nd,

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Probably be Next week before it appears in your account, sometimes take a couple of days to come through the system

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I have Rio shares on Lightyear on New York exchange. They managed to pay the dividend the next day. Not sure why it’s so slow here.

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Has anyone had their div appear yet?

No still waiting