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Listing Ford & Amazon as big backers they’re expected to raise more money to add to the $10bn they currently have. They raised $2.5bn 2 months ago in a final funding round.

Despite not yet shipping a vehicle the have a contract with Amazon to build delivery vans and are due to start deliveries of the R1T pickup truck.

Founded in 2009 they’re expected to seek a valuation of upto $80bn (or about 1.5x the market of Ford)

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I reserved an R1T a few weeks ago - more just to keep an eye on them and a potential spec before the waitlist grows. Really looks like an amazing electric offroad vehicle. As long as they can pull through with the production. Huge potential as they look to expand globally. I’ll definitely look to invest after the IPO.


Are you planning to take delivery or making the most of the 100% refundable deposit. Oddly I think the front design looks great on the R1T but nota odd on the R1S even though they’re similar.

This is one of the EV companies that seem like they’re got their act together (watch this bite me in the arse) but the timing is peculiar. They raised $2.5bn 2 months ago, have a reported $10bn in the bank & EV companies have faired very poorly in the last few months.

Just making the most of the refundable deposit for now. Delivery is only suggested from beyond January next year, but I’m banking on it being a fair while longer - perhaps by then I could consider taking ownership or at least gauge how reliable and popular they are.

Not sure what to make of the early IPO other than being able to readily raise cash whenever they need it. If they can get global expansion right early on, which has already been suggested, they will be very well positioned to capture a decent share of the market.

They do however still need to deliver their first production car. Their main focus seems to have been on Amazon delivery vans up to now, which is not necessarily a bad thing as we know the juggernaut that Amazon is.

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Some more reading here:

An older article, but some great insight and quotes:

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest person, visited Rivian’s Plymouth, Michigan headquarters last fall, and was highly impressed when he met with Scaringe, who founded the company in 2009 after earning a Ph.D. from MIT, The New York Times reports. On September 19th, 2019, Amazon announced that it would buy 100,000 Rivian vehicles for its cargo delivery fleet as part of the company’s “Climate Pledge”.

Scaringe is determined to shatter conventional views about electric vehicles. “We have a number of untruths–a truck can’t be electric, an electric car can’t go off road, it can’t get dirty, it can’t tow, and truck buyers don’t want something that’s environmentally friendly,” Scaringe told the Times. “These things are fundamentally wrong. Electrification and technology can create a truck that’s incredibly capable and fun to drive,” he added.

Even with Ford’s and Amazon’s backing, Rivian faces major obstacles. "The capital requirements are enormous and ceaseless,” Mike Ramsey, an analyst with tech research firm Gartner, told the Times. For Rivian, “Manufacturing is the biggest challenge,” Ford CEO Jim Hackett said in a news release. The next few years will prove whether Rivian can produce at a competitive price the kind of high-mileage, durable SUVs and trucks that founder “R.J.” Scaringe envisions in the ruthlessly competitive global car market.

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This is an AMAZING write-up:

"Your best chance to own the stock is by waiting for the IPO and making a purchase of Rivian stock through a no-fee online brokerage account.

So what is the best online brokerage for buying Rivian stock?

As an individual investor, you’ll want to open an account with a commission-free online broker. That way, you’ll invest most of your money instead of waste it on fees."

@adam Has anyone told this guy about Freetrade? I realise he is based in the US though.

"One last possibility is a directed share program. Sometimes when companies file their S-1 SEC filing (to begin the IPO process), they include a directed share program for executives, affiliates, and other people who helped the company grow.

Because of that, it’s possible it would offer IPO shares to early Rivian car buyers. This isn’t a reason to buy their vehicles, but it would be interesting if it happened.

Will there be a Rivian directed share program? We won’t know until the S-1 filing is published. "

@NeilB best you reserve that R1T, just in case :wink:


Looks Rivian have beaten Tesla, Lordstown, Ford and GM at getting an EV Pickup into actual production


“It is one of the best-positioned new EV startups ever,” said Karl Brauer, an auto analyst at iSeeCars.com. “I don’t think it will take 15 years for them to be profitable, like another EV startup.”


I’ve change the is to a request but I doubt the FT team will miss this IPO.

I’ve been reading the above articles posted by @Dave & @GMCay and I have to say I’m impressed. It’s not so much the back of Bezos for the sake of it that I like but a confirmed order with one of the best logistics companies in the world for 100,000 vans is a huge help. It’s not just a proof of concept but also a great revenue stream.

Honestly an all electric van or pick up changed the nature of construction / site work. What you’ll have is a mobile workshop that can be heated or cooled.

I’ll say now that I’m not buying at IPO and will let this settle but I’m not always a man of my word …


Very impressive isn’t it!

If you haven’t already, these are also an interesting read - Atlantic coast to the Pacific coast of the USA all via dirt roads in an electric vehicle - an amazing accomplishment for a standard production electric vehicle:


Hi, please add Rivian, automotive manufacturer. RIVN


Hi @WE88Z no date has been annouced for the IPO yet but it will defiantly be supported as soon as shares are available.


Johnson urges or begs? It’s becoming pitiful.


The coolest thing in this picture is the R1T, it says a lot about Jeff penis shaped rocket!


Any update if this will be added on IPO day?

This is a big one so as soon as shares hit the secondary market you’ll be able to buy them. In the past they’ve had a holding (coming soon) next to the icon on the app.

I would proceed with caution on IPO day, plenty of people here have been burned with big IPO’s like $COIN & £ROO.


I echo @NeilB thoughts always be careful on IPO day. Its a good opportunity for those who have privately invested to sell their share and get their return when the price spikes.

This is inevitably proceeded by a drop before the price settles down. People often get carried away buying on day one. The shares will always be their to buy.

But of course I could be wrong with everything I’ve said as this is not financial advice, do your own research.


Agree with both above!!! I have only lost, although sometimes up but after months, by buying on IPO day so now wait for 24hrs minimum. I go with the theory that if it is a decent company it will go up after the initial spike then fall from FOMO on day 1. :+1: