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Rivian IPO. :red_car:

Piqued my interest when Top Gear gave the R1T 9/10:


Morning all, how soon might we expect Rivian to hit FT? Many early scalpers or long term HODLs on FT? Looks like the valuation is at the top top end of the scale today!

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Freetrade gets it at the same time as everyone else, way after all the big hedgefunds and insiders buy. Sadly this is just how the world works :sweat_smile:

Almost every IPO “explodes” and gains 30% in a day or two, and then drops off afterwards, so I tend to wait a week or two after IPO. Don’t forget insiders will sell too. They’ve worked non-stop for 12 years, and at some points had a very low salary. They’re going to sell to reap the benefits they’ve made, which means the stock will have more supply, demand will stay the same – the price will likely go down after they sell :slight_smile:


To answer your question @Ikashiru we don’t really know. US markets open at 14:30GMT but in the past it been several hours before retail investors saw any shares available to buy on the open market and normally much higher than the $78 listing price.

A lesson for us all might be to try and contain the ole FOMO on day one. @DavidK wrote a piece a few months ago about IPO day and scrolling a bit on you can see that the early bird doesn’t always get the worm.

I am bullish on RIVN but the whole company can be summed up in one question.

“Can they convince the US truck buyers to switch from their beloved Ford F150?”

This was a difficult enough task and that was before Ford unveiled an all electric F150 that has so far got 150,000 pre orders.

Nice general coverage from the BBC if you’re looking for a quick catch up.

TLDR - We don’t know but it might be worth waiting for a few weeks.

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Why is RIVN not available in the ISA account?


You know I’m not sure … :face_with_monocle:

I tell you something, having RIVN in a non-ISA is totally crap. I hope someone from FT can explain why… RIVN has potential to be worth A LOT in a few years and now is the time we want in, in an ISA!

We can’t buy it until 14:30 at the earliest- it could just be a error. I’ve messaged someone and we’ll see what they say.

How do we know it can’t be in an ISA? It just says “Coming soon” to me and looking at others they say “non-isa” if that is the case but that is not on RIVN. :+1:

@GoAt RIVN will be both ISA and SIPP eligible when it goes live this afternoon!


Ok, I know we can’t buy until 2:30 but it does say “Non-ISA” or at least it did…hmmmm, that’s is why I had to check. Thanks for clearing that up.

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Thanks for the fast reply @Alex_B :+1:

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Good question.

I copy and paste from

Shares including shares in an investment trust, are qualifying investments if:


There are caveats and other details provided by that link.

Bed time reading :slight_smile:


RIVN predicted to open above $120 big dump incoming if it does.

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Cheers for the links and good info :+1: My point however, was that on the app it didn’t tell me it wasn’t available in ISA etc so I wondered what made the comments get posted above. Maybe it used to as @GoAt is suggesting but when I posted it seemed fine to.

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It did say “non-ISA” at 1 point. Then it changed to (soon). I asked because of what I saw with “non-isa” label.

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Hi @Alex_B this sounds pedantic but the description should be “Electric Trucks & Vans” , they have no plans to make a car so far.

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Amazon-backed EV start-up Rivian opens at $106.75 per share in market debut, after pricing IPO at $78

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Already bigger than Ford and General Motors - what a weird world we live in.