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Seen it on CNBC news don’t no how true it is like

Apologies for snappng then but it isn’t true. All advice over there is to stay away.

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No worries I haven’t looked into it too much as I had no interest in investing in this stock.Seen it on the news so thought I’d share it.

Is Robinhood Markets so bad? Youtube told me that it’s a hugely popular option but not available in UK. That’s how I found Freetrade, because it was recommended as an option for people who can’t use Robinhood. I might be completely wrong of course.

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the problem with robinhood is the business model. it needs restructuring.

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Robinhood users are not their customer, 75% of the revenue comes from PFOF (payment for order flow) enabling their partners to front run trades and executed and unfavourable rates. Add the ability to trade options & crypto on leverage they’re letting relatives novices play with sophisticated tools.


PFOF could easily end up costing users more than just paying commission with a broker that does best execution. a fraction of a percent on a big trade is all it would take to cost you more than the $5 or so commission


Exactly - “if you don’t pay for the product, you are the product”


Anybody who’s interested in investing in RobinHood, just know it will be volitile for the foreseeable future.

Robin Hood is very much hated by a huge portion of retail investors. If you are willing to take the risk then just make sure you’re aware whats happened with the app the past year. I wouldn’t be surprised if once the timeframe passes from ipo that people will begin to short the stock.

Also in my honest opinion the company is wildly over valued. Their valuation is based on their insane growth last year, which was fueled by covid oppurtunities, meme stocks and the crypto craze that happened earlier in the year. All of these factors are not going to last forever.

Covid will end soon if not has already done so in terms of how the market sees it.

Crypto craze is already over, real crypto traders/investors use much better apps that are out there…

Meme stocks a huge portion of these investors were burnt in Jan and furthermore since then. I know personally from investment groups and forums that a massive exodus has happened on RH to over brokers.

I just don’t see them being able to sustain decent growth.

This isn’t financial advice, just sharing my thoughts.


this seems resonable. To add, the insiders have huge voting control over the company and that will set to increase as the share price does.

I think the ratio is 10-1 for votes. crazy.

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Seems this was misinformation.


Agree, not a good practise at all. I don’t think I’ll be investing in this long term. So far, I purchased 10 units the first day for almost $400 not knowing much about the company, but I sold it all when the market opened for over $700 with the profit of over $300. I’m satisfied, but I kind of wish I had invested $4000 instead of $400 :wink:


Fastest 10bagger I’ve had and it was just for fun :sweat_smile:


100% is not a 10 bagger though :wink:


Could be if it was in binary! :laughing:


When the Robinhood stock goes down, it may never recover. Soo different to say, Aviva going down.

$52B market cap when I looked :no_mouth:

Freetrade one day…


Looks like the new meme stonk?


What is a meme stonk?