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How is that true? If you spend 120 000£ on an MBA degree that you fail, it’s the worst investment. Investing in yourself carries substantial risk.


Well you don’t really spend the £120k on the degree, you spend the money on the education and the chance to obtain the degree. If you aren’t capable of passing then how else would you have found out? If you’re not ready to pass then more investment in self needed in a non monetary sense.

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What you described is pretty much the definition of risk. QED

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I don’t think you get it.


You don’t think you get it either? Ah, I’m not explaining any more.

QED? :clown_face: npnp

Nope, I don’t get it. Sorry! Not sure if it’s due to the lack of coherence or your only rudimentary grasp of the English language.
But we’re diverging and I’m being a bit of a d*ck. Let’s get back to posting romanticised sentences about risk and self.

Maybe you need to both realise you have different investing attitudes (GME v ETF’s), if both use the words gamble and risk to mean the same thing this is a conversation about language and not about intent.

You’ve taken a pointless stance against a comment of mine. Your ‘likewise’ comment implies you think the same as me, which is that you don’t get my original point. (you meant ‘Likewise, I don’t think you get it’) Nothing to do with financials, money or risk when I refer to investing in oneself. Adding some Latin at the end of a sentence shows me you are here for one-upmanship.

@NeilB you didn’t need to edit the original post, you’re quite correct. I will call out any troll aka submarinex. I suspect 'ol R5 Seb read that and thought he’d jump in here. I see no other reason for taking such a silly stance.


Every decision or non-decision we make in life carries an element of risk. “Do I turn right when I should have turned left?”, “Do I take Samantha to the school prom instead of Jessica?”, “Do I buy a Vanguard ETF or i-shares ETF?” This is Life!!!
Your choices are half chance, so are everybody else’s


Come on Robin Hood :roll_eyes::pray::pray::pray::pray::pensive:



I think you are confusing risk with gambling. There’s is always a long term downside risk of a depression. But you are statistically guaranteed to lose in gambling over the long term. Whereas investing is about tilting the long term risk to your positive. This doesn’t remove the risk completely of a 1/100 yr event and loss of capital. But then again, if a 1/100 yr event happened then it’s a great time to be investing.

People get too hung up on definitions and take themselves too seriously IMO (I’m an investor, yes, mmmm). I wanna make monaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay (which is also why i like crypto, there’s less pretence around it)

Take a card counter getting kicked out from a casino. Gambling is really just a point of view. You can reduce the risk, yes, but you can’t predict the future. I get that a gambling doesnt have as much risk as an investment but im a bit of a bear at the moment so I personally think everyone’s risk isn’t diversified enough, lol.

Call it what you like. If you want a positive RoI then you want to be the card counter (investor), not the sucker (gambler)

i think we are on the same page.

The way I see it the with investing you are buying because you want to own part of a company, to share in future profits and success.

Gambling is where you buy something purely because you think you can sell it to someone for more, regardless of fundamentals or whether the company/asset is successful.

The same stock could be used to gamble or to invest, for example an investor might buy AAPL to hold long term and align themselves with the future success of the company. A gambler might Buy AAPL just before a big announcement in the hope it will shoot up and he can sell it for a quick buck


You can put lipstick on a pig but it is still a pig :stuck_out_tongue: Investing is gambling as you give out money and hope for a good/better return with no guarantees. It is just on the very safe side of the scale compared to betting on Torquay to win the FA Cup.

Simple fact is money goes out from the safety of your bank hoping for a win.

When I deposit £100 in my Betfair account, that’s £100 I’m willing to (and likely to) lose.

Let’s just say it’s definitely not the same as when I deposit £100 in my Freetrade account.

I guess that’s how I see it differently but some people must see it the same.

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