(Dave Smith) #85

I hope not, The only crowdfunded thing I’ve done that has actually ended so far sold too early IMO, I got 3X my money back but it could have been more

(Andrew Clark) #86

I, for one, would welcome our new RobinHood overlords (at that price!)

(Dave Smith) #87

But that’s only half a unicorn, we want full unicorn!


What was it you invested in?


@alex.s has Freetrade had any offers of buyout yet? (You can tell me, I won’t tell anyone else)

(Alex Sherwood) #90

Haha! I wouldn’t tell you if we had :stuck_out_tongue: (or not like this anyway!)


It’s ok - I’m really good at keeping secrets!

Let’s do it in code, I will give three options and you just reply with a number:

  1. No buyout offers yet
  2. One or more buyout offers at £20m+
    3: As 2 but at £100m+

(Dave Smith) #92

e-car club, It’s a car hire company with all electric cars, still seems to be growing. I would have held on to the shares if I had a choice

It’s classed as the first successful exit, and it was, but I think they jumped too early


Do you know how much more they have grown since your forced exit?

Actually don’t dwell on it - just dream of your Freetrade exit instead

(Dave Smith) #94

I don’t know what the valuation is now, but they keep adding new sites so something must be going alright


Is this sooner than expected? So how will it likely affect Freetrade’s growth??


Robinhood certainly has the knowledge and financial clout to get an app up and running quickly. I do think Robinhood will be a fierce competitor especially if it launches with things like margin trading, crypto trading, etc.