ROBLOX is currently planning on creating a IPO
i believe this would be a great stock to be on Free trade with great Opportunities.

I second this, can we please get Roblox on as soon as it IPOs?

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Seems like there’s demand for this. Would be great to have an IPO Tracker

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I third this this - Roblox SHOULD be extremely profitable.

Roblox has so much potential

Where I’m unsure is what when the kids grow up and don’t play it anymore? And the next lot of kids are interested in the next new thing

Thats the thing with roblox, Roblox wont die out, even when kids grow up, new generations will still play because there will always be new games created.

Why roblox is interesting

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Would be great to see this as well in the app


I’d like to get into this on day 1. Does FT usually add IPOs right away? Even a 1 month delay means missing out on a lot of potential upside. Just look at Palantir and Corsair.


We had palantir day 1 I think, wish I’d got more . :wink:

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Roblox S-1:


Can we have this IPO on day 1 - it’s a huge IPO want to be part of it. @sampoullain


When will be the first day of this IPO?

Hasn’t been announced yet. They reckon Dec or Jan.

Cheers mate.

I will keep my eyes on that.

I am absolutely desperate for this to be available the day it IPOs since the hype is going to hike the price up.

This is happening in 12 days, right?

I’ve read they’re pushing for before the end of the year (so Dec).