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I ended up getting 8 shares at $66.33… not the $45 I was expecting :joy:


Doing a good job, just need to have more accurate pricing information.

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I think it opened to normal investors at $65 so that’a pretty close to the opening price, who knows where it will go from here

I didn’t bother waiting on this to finally, maybe go live, threw the extra money at AMC instead :smiley:

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I have to admit I kept refreshing the app every second lol!

$71 :astonished:. No way

Question is, are we in it for the long haul or not?

Has to be doesn’t it! We have probably paid above its value at minute. But I think we can all see the potential of a stock like this. Especially if you have primary school aged children.

IPO is an uncertain entry point, IMO. You may even stay on the long haul here, but will have to be tolerant of a possible fall in the medium/short term.

In addition, the recent sell off has provided some discounts.

I’ll put it on the watch list for now.


I replied earlier saying I’ve profited quite nicely from Roblox as a developer and its a long haul stock.

To truly understand what roblox is and how it works, you need to delve into it and play/mess around with it, or have a child who plays it. (You’ll also be skint from them buying robux 24/7)

Roblox is a platform to host games on, just like the IOS store, Steam or Epic Games store, but it goes beyond just hosting games, it has a huge social aspect and friends/siblings play it together. I’ve had children as young as 5 playing my games, all the way up to 18. (probably older, its just how far our current tracking goes to). I first joined roblox when I was 11, and it’s stayed with me all the way into adult hood and made it my full time job. It grabs you in and you stay with it.

Roblox has such a huge catalog of items to change how your character is, and what you want your character to be.

The best way I can sum up Roblox, is Ready Player 1, you can be whomever you want to be, whenever you want to be. Do you want to be a pirate today and steal someones boat, or be a cop and arrest criminals. or maybe a DJ at a nightclub? It’s all doable. (for a few hundred robux, about £10)

Roblox has been slowly expanding worldwide, I know the spanish speaking market right now is booming and they are expanding into China.

I know some games aren’t very visually appealing to you as an adult, but its appealing to kids because it’s fun, they don’t care how it looks. They want to mess around with their friends and face no punishment for what they do.

The most important thing, is that all players have the same experience as their friends, or youtubers/influencers they look up to. Roblox and developers works extremely hard to get the best performance possible so it runs the same on all devicles currently supported. I believe we still support the iPhone 6?

Developers make boat loads of robux (dollars) of players buying single use items in games (called dev products) like cash boosts, lootboxes, whatever else you can think of.

There is also brands coming to roblox, some recent such as scooby doo and lil nas, but a few behind the scenes that are planning big things.

The best advice is to make an account, experiment around with it and see if you feel it has a future. Me saying all this won’t help you change your mind.


Did someone pay you to write this?

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:joy::joy::joy: it was a convincing write up!

On the topic of Robux… personally I think there is HEAVY regulation on the way regarding ingame lootboxes/currency. Especially for those u18…

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I wish they did, just trying to help inform people about it from a developers side and why we think it’ll carry on growing. A lot of articles just speak about how much time people spend on it, not how it allows entire friend groups to play together, or the huge creative side of expressing yourself as a character.

Just to put into perspective here, Adopt me (currently the #1 game) has cashed out over 100 million dollars. It started with a team of 4 people and is now a team of 40.

In regards to lootboxes, that’s completely fine as we’ll just remove them and replace it with directly buying the contents. (It’s pets right now, huge bragging right)


Wait I just realised what you said, so are you currently a developer for Roblox?

Sounds like a fun way to make money :grinning:

No. Roblox has their own employees which purely work on the site/game engine, some character options, sometimes games if its for huge events like lil nas or the “egg hunt”. Some employees will make their own games in their spare time outside of work.

Developers refers to just average joes who create games on the platform and publish it. I used to work at a theme park before moving to (self employment) roblox full time. We create a game, players will play it and buy things in it with the site currency robux. The things can be whatever the developers wants, cash, pets, rare items, vip upgrades, a super cool vehicle. Whatever they make in the game, if they want to sell it, they can.

Once we have 100,000 robux($350) in our account/group, we can cash out(developer exchange) and it’s paid into our bank account.

As long as roblox carries on pushing updates to the game engine and giving developers more things to play with, we’ll stay with them as it’s extremely easy money (with the right knowledge).


I banned my Child from playing this Game.

Safe to say I’m not a Fan of the product.

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I know there was a large issue with grooming ect… I personally don’t like virtual currency in games such as Vbucks/Robux. Yeah from a business point of view its great but I just think it teaches children to waste money. And if I was a parent I would avoid it like the plague.

or you know, you can teach them the value of money and stop shielding them from the world.