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Sorry to go of topic.
But yeah alot of kids at the time were playing so it was the in thing for school mates etc…
I was warned by another parent at the time. Then jumped on her account.
I felt that this just wasn’t monitored enough.
My child would have been safer to play call of duty :laughing:.

Nothing to do with the stock.

Buy away!!

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Yes I would teach them the value of money by not spending money on a virtual currency with no value…

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if you are saying it has no value then you dont know anything about roblox and probably shouldnt invest in it.

How are they going to learn about cashflow in this age when they are given a couple of quid pocket money?
In my day it was fine, but all the action these days takes place online. My kids save all their pocket money and then chuck it it at me to buy some robux or some other online payment.
We are in the computer age now. Our old methods of spending will soon be obsolete.

Didn’t expect this stock to be that high tbh. I hope it goes down.

Well I’ve gone in with one share!

I first heard of Roblox when I saw my nephew playing on it and he was showing me how he could play different games on it, all for free. Over the years, I’ve bought him Robux gift cards (so he can buy ingame stuff) - there’s a real money spinner there with their freemium model based games.

Good luck all with this!


Cathy Woods in big pre market. Expect a decent raise

My daughter played it a lot when she was younger, and I know loads of kids who love it. I spent a small fortune on Robux! I may buy one share!

Evening! Any news on today’s great performance? Can we expect a continuous rise or just anomalous?

Looks to be from this RBLX Stock: The Big Partnership News Sending Roblox to New Highs | InvestorPlace

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Perfect thank you


My friend’s eldest is not letting me do anything but watch him play Roblox.

I asked him what does he likes so much about Roblox and he says it has the best musics ever.

The little one wants me to watch I said meow on YouTube :person_shrugging: :candy:

Its definitely overpriced but the game is huge between ages of 3 and up i see adult youtubers spamming this all the time for crazy views on youtube its silly but its a money machine, buy as many stocks as you want of this because it will only go from strength to strength.

Depends how you measure value. If you treat it like you would for most tech companies, in terms of future growth, it’s undervalued. If you base it off its current performance as a company, I’d agree with you - It’s overvalued.

The stock is quite volatile right now, I tend to buy at anything under 68. They have some big news coming out in the not so distant future (levelling up their user base with voice chat as one example) so may see it break it’s current stock limits, we’ll see.

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I’m expecting a stock drop over the week thanks to China’s further grip on the gaming industry (in China). They just announced kids online gaming time will be reduced.

This will likely impact Robloxs future in Asia and specifically Roblox China - an expansion that inflated the stock price.


RBLX is traded up at $103 up 33% after revenues doubled in Q3.

Cathie Wood bought 370,428 shares of RBLX yesterday. This a good sign IMO

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From what I hear they are going to be big in the metaverse

I find it strange that the world perceives the metaverse only now when it has existed for many years.


She also brough Alibaba a few weeks ago and I don’t think that’s working out very well.