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True but i feel the success of many investors comes from being greedy when others are fearful. if you believe baba stock can survive the anti-monopoly regulator penalty then it’s on huge discount just now

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Hard to tell if this one is a bargain while it’s below $75

Bad news alert! Brace for impact tomorrow morning


So is now looking like a good buy steal?
I bought in march last year for $70 and sold instantly don’t know why? Maybe I bottled it?

Or heard something about it :thinking: can’t remember now :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Any more recent news on Roblox? Seems very low at the moment and not sure if it’s a good time to get back in.

For me it’s a long term hold > last 5 days is encouraging

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Any thoughts to buy or sell now?

this was massively over hyped but good earnings call now going in the right direction

Roblox is evolving into something very different from just a gaming platform for 17 years old in the Covid era. Getting bullish about Roblox and already started building a small position.