Rocket Lab USA (RKLB)

How does this work if you own $VACQ on FT?

Share holder voting isn’t supported currently on FT.

I read on Morning Brew that Rocket Lab will start trading tomorrow? Will this ticker change then?

That’s what I’ve just got as I logged into my account

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I’m assuming as well this will halt trading of shares? For eg I’m guessing I can’t buy more shares once US market opens?

Will RKLB be added today then? I don’t have a VACQ position but I want to get in.

Flying. Could get interesting.


I think ‘Rocket Labs’ and ‘Astra Space’ are going to be very good investments over the long term. Yes Astra is having some mishaps with its rockets but so did Elon Musks Space X, look at them now! :rocket:

I feel we are at the dawn of an incredible period of exploration with new generation satellites, space tourism, scientific experiments and possible return to the Moon and further.

Good to be investing in exciting stocks​:+1::rocket:


Add Seraphim to that list aswell I believe.

I have 75 Astra 45 Rocket Lab and 300 Seraphim. Not a great amount but decent profit if they rocket.

Will look to get more at some point.


I’m like 70% up in 3 days or something lol

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Omg it’s finally happing :star_struck: Was in the red everyday when it was still a spac and today I’m up 60% wooow bring it on!

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I sold at just over 15 before the earnings report, and thought that I’d made the right choice given lower EBITDA guidance and lack of major announcements, and to be fair the stock didn’t move much until the PT. $30 values the equity at over $13 billion, which is confident and interestingly timed to put it politely. Don’t get me wrong, Rocket Lab is the best space stock on the market right now, aside from possibly Redwire, but given the risks I think I’m going to wait for this options driven meme hysteria to die down.

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On CNBC Closing Bell last night. Interview with Andy Lapsa of ‘Stoke Space Tec Rockets’.

However thought the info bar below was more interesting headline:

“Rocket Lab to launch NASA’s advanced composite solar sail system” Good news for Rocket Labs :+1:

Shame Stoke is not public as well. Sounds an interesting new company.