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What happened yesterday?! A 5% jump over the whole day, then lost it all in a minute and was back to its start of the day price.
I can’t seem to find any particular reason other than the “recession” flop etc but all my other stocks were dropping from start of business, so the RR jump was nice to see (thankfully i took out afew quid at 5% , probably the first time I’ve ever caught the top of a jump in price)

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Perhaps a sign to buy more stock

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They have found that SMRs could increase the volume of short-lived low and intermediate level waste – the two lowest of three categories – by up to 35 times compared to a large conventional reactor, when looking at waste produced per unit of electricity generated. For the long-lived equivalent waste, SMRs would produce up to 30 times more and for spent nuclear fuel, up to 5 times more. The variation in these figures reflects expected variation in the SMR designs now being developed.

I’d considered buying into RR because of their work on SMRs but it appears there are still a hell of a lot of unknowns and pitfalls. It wouldn’t be so much of an issue if the UK actually had a plan to deal with the waste from the last ~70 years :confused:

I think I’ll stick to the renewables/wind ETFs instead.


So essentially about scalability/efficiency of smaller vs larger reactors, sounds like they’re finding/understanding the problems to work on resolving then going forward.
It’s also not to say the earlier/earliest nuclear reactors in the 50s didn’t have issues either, I’m not familiar with any of that to comment.

But the waste is always the worrying part, I saw an article the other day about that Stanford paper, it mentioned the US has 88000 metric tonnes of nuclear waste to handle/store :open_mouth:
Edit - Was Stanfords own news article on it - Small modular reactors produce high levels of nuclear waste | Stanford News
But nuclear energy is not risk free. In the U.S. alone, commercial nuclear power plants have produced more than 88,000 metric tons of spent nuclear fuel, as well as substantial volumes of intermediate and low-level radioactive waste.


Is that actually a lot though? It doesn’t say much about the cost of storing it, compared to say the cost to humanity of creating the same amount of power using fossil fuels.


Not wanting to diverge too much from the thread but as below, costs built up to now or projected going forward, from a cost basis it probably isn’t worth it with US and UK costs running into billions a year, the amount of CO2 saved probably searchable as well

In recognition of this uncertainty, the NDA publishes a range of estimates that could potentially be realistic. Based on the best data now available, different assumptions could produce figures somewhere between between £99 billion and £232 billion.

The projected total cost of clean-up after the Manhattan Project is well over $300 billion. That’s more than the original cost of the weapons programs and the actual total will be even higher. That’s just the defense waste.

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That’s historic though, not sure how new or modular reactors would compare, I assume easier to decommission. The Sellafield project is for 100 years, I believe!

Increased amounts of low level waste are inevitable with more nuclear facilities but dealing with LL waste (from a technical/environmental perspective) is pretty trivial. I’d be more concerned by increased intermediate level waste which is more difficult/expensive to deal with.


Good morning all,
I’d like to request Rolls-Royce be added to the app.
After a tough 18m I think this stock is only going in one direction and after watching it for a little while now, I think the upward curve has started.

Ah… my apologies, newbie errors there


Hello, I was wondering if anybody knows what’s happening at rolls Royce.

A large portion of their business (I dont know the exact %) is the manufacturing & sale of Jet engines. With plane demand so low the business has been badly effected.

Yesterday they requested a cash raise from shareholders (by issuing new shares) for about £2b and confirmed they did not expect to be cash flow positive until 2022. As they were already carrying about £5B of debt on their balance sheet I dont believe that raising further debt was even a possibility (but check this as I could easily be wrong!)

I’d do some more research as I only saw the summary articles and haven’t done any proper reading myself. However I would add that they have a very stable Defence business that I believe is doing quite well but is so far, unable to support the larger aerospace business.


I think I get it now. For every 3 shares you own in rolls Royce you can be 10 at a discounted price.

Yes that seems to be correct. The Rolls Royce website has a handy calculator built into it, they’ve done a really good job of it:

Civil aero went from about 80% of total turnover to very little, in the space of a few months

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Ok cool I’ll have a look. Thank you

Some refinancing and a rights issue.

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