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Regretting that decision? Or did you get a better return on your money elsewhere

I never have any regrets in life. There are just choices and consequences.
Shell and BP are up by around 50% since I sold back in late October :weary:, but their yearly chart still shows they are in the doldrums

My reason for selling hasn’t changed. So what did I buy?..

I didn’t really do a direct exchange… a week later at the start of November I invested in an assortment of ‘greener companies’ using the RDSB and BP money along with some new capital.
INRG up 16%
PLUG up 91%
NIO up 40%
TESLA up 62%
NIU same price
Xpeng up 42%
Li Auto up 28%

All in all, I think pivoting my portfolio hasn’t made a financial difference. More importantly it is where I would prefer it to be moving forward. Shell and BP have the potential to return to their pre-Covid levels so they have another 75% on today’s price, though I think it will take some time. The EV market has much more growth potential in it, in a much shorter timescale.


Royal Dutch Shell: Fourth Quarter And Full-Year 2020 Detailed Analysis

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I will continue to hold shell and BP because they are heavily involved buying green energy companies (and thwy have the funds to do so)
Alongside holding these, i will absolutely continue to invest individual greener companies listed above …

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I hope that comes with proper maintenance.

Who else bought Shell because of its pivoting into renewables?

From Reuters today:

“ Shell gave a timeline for building a 100 megawatt (MW) electrolysis plant, to be called Refhyne II, scaling up from an existing 10 MW plant.

Shell has begun securing offshore wind power assets whose electricity it could use as feedstock for electrolysis.”

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[quote] There will be as many as 9,000 job losses

I feel terrible asking this, but is that good or bad for share price ?

They also are I. Talk to buy one of the largest manufacturers / market leaders of electric car battery charging stations - ubricity

Usually quite good for share price. Restructuring will theoretically end in cost cutting to maximise profits or reduce losses

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