Royal mail keep or sell

Should I keep or sell my royal mail shares as the shares dropping fast however in January their a big dividend payment

The share price has dropped because the ex-dividend date has passed. This is an expected drop.


It’s abit late now to sell :smiley: if you were at the top, everything’s crashing abit the now but someone will post soon.

I feel it in my investment bones


Hi @Snowy1517

If we keep discussion on the specific threads it keeps the place tidier and your much more likely to get answers.

Also the price has only dropped by the two dividends that you qualified for yesterday.

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So nows the best time to buy more yipeeee

Royal Mail Ex div date yesterday?

Ex div is today.

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If only someone would put together a painfully long dividend thread …


Haha, I admit, I’ve not looked at this weeks! I did your last weeks thread… it’s hugely appreciated good piece of work you’ve been putting together :man_dancing:

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Thank you. That very kind but it’s a little needy fishing for compliment don’t you think?! :joy::joy:

A lot of stocks and etf have had a price decline both yesterday and today with the steeper decline being today.

You’ll need to ask yourself are you bullish, bearish or neutral on Royal Mail.


Also as £RMG had both a regular dividend and a special dividend go ex today, there wi be people who bought before the ex date and were willing to sell on the ex date.

I’d imagine the special dividend might draw more in.

Just something to add to the overall picture

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