Royal Mail (RMG) 📮

Some delivery drivers used by RM competitors, like Hermes or Yodel, are self-employed.

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I KNOW RM have already started Sunday deliveries unofficially. The latest announcement that they’re trialing it for a few select companies is bit of ‘blowing smoke up your arse’ as they don’t want to be seen with treating their workers badly, who the F wants to work on a Sunday, not many RM staff I can tell you! The plan is to take on people they can treat differently with poorer quality contacts and conditions. Yes their business model is most definitely changing.

Anyway, they’ve broken through a main resistance level on the charts this week and it’s big moves until the next resistance level, so I bought in a lot (for me) more. Don’t plan to hold it forever but may need a year. Looking to get up to £6.80-£6.95, Waiting for earnings report which sounds positive but all their money is being thrown into restructuring towards becoming a parcel delivery company.


Not done much for the share price has it? I thought it would have the opposite effect. Maybe people don’t want to wait until September for the dividend when the future is not so predictable coming out of lockdown.

Yes my thoughts exactly! I thought reinstating the one off dividend would be positive news but guess not :sweat_smile:

Royal Mail’s service is an absolute disgrace. They usually fail to deliver even on the day that was promised, trying to pin them down to a timeslot is setting themselves up for failure.

And let’s not forget that it’s been several years since the parcel service with 24 in its name became 1-2 days and the one with 48 in its name is now “we’ll endeavour to deliver in 2-3 days”, and even if it doesn’t arrive in 3 days, there’s no recourse.

We have one of the most expensive postal services in the world, with about the worst service possible. This seems like just another attempt to charge even more money, without spending money to fundamentally improve the normal service.


I couldn’t agree moe Ralf… However the news bumped tge share price up a touch :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I couldn’t agree less! Compared to UPS or Hermes and many other companies, Royal Mail are pretty good (from a retailer perspective sending out hundreds of parcels at once). Parcelforce is a different company (despite being part of the RM Group) and performance seems to be consistently worse than RM and at a higher price.

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