Russell 2000

I have stock listed in the nazdaq and shortley it will be re-listed into the russell 2000. Will this be a good move. I have no idea why it is being moved.

The Russel 2000 is an index. The Nasdaq is a stock exchange.
If the stock you are talking about is being re-listed then it will move to another stock exchange.
As the Russel 2000 is not a stock exchange then all that is happening is it is being included in an index which funds will look to track by buying the stocks in the index.

Thank you for your explanation, indie semiconductors goes into the russell 2000 on the 27th June wether it stays in the Nasdaq I have no idea. How the share price rises or falls I am not too sure asyou say it is in a index.

Anything that tracks the Russell 2000 will have to buy the company as it joins the index but given it’s not a particularly tracked index it’ll not make much difference overnight.

It will however be more likely to be covered by analysts and get some more attention.

Thank you sir…

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