S***. Am I screwed? Bank transfer

Hey there

I sent £100 to my freetrade account by mobile.
I only was given two options, sortcode & acc number. There was no reference number to put in.

Is my payment lost or does the app recognise it’s coming from me? I mean my accounts linked on profile. Help


Did you send a message in the app to check?

It should give you a reference… the reference doesn’t change so once you’ve saved it in your bank you can use it whoever needed.

The bank transfer details screen should have given you details of 4 pieces of information: the beneficiary, account number, sort code, and reference

It only gave me this…

Oh is that your banking app? Sorry I thought you meant Freetrade didn’t give you the details.

You might want to check your banks help pages or ask them if how you add a reference.

Sometimes they don’t show the reference field until you add in the payee. Once you add in a new payee they ask for a reference as an option.

Hmm well it’s too late now. I’ll see in 2-3 hours if the app recognises it’s from me and puts it through :pray::crossed_fingers:

Overnight it wont, you’ll need to wait until morning. Transfers are processed between 8am and 830pm

Okay I’ll message the Freetrade team in the morning and see if they can locate it :confounded:

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I imagine they’ve dealt with the same issue before. They won’t just keep the money it may be that it just won’t go into your account right away so it’s worth messaging them.

(They use different references for the different account types, but if you only have one, maybe they’ll just put it in… no idea)


I wasnt wondered about them keeping it as such. I was worried it may end up getting buried amongst other transfer requests and then forgotten because theres no reference attached to it.

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Wasnt worried*

Please do that. Our wonderful COps team will help you out. :+1:


Likelihood is it will be returned back to your bank.

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Thanks Viktor, I’ll use my computer next time. For some reason my bank app on my mobile doesnt include a reference box

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