Samsung Electronics (SMSN)

We can’t have Apple without Samsung, especially with this app releasing to android and their amazing conference this year!

We need Samsung ! They are pioneers in electronics !

Seconded, please add.

Any idea if this will happen soon?

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I would really like to have this too.

Please add ASAP!

Would love to invest in Samsung. Great company with great products!

Surprised that this is still not on Freetrade :grin:

Bump! This really needs to be introduced!

Samsung are looking to help fill the gap after Huawei have been removed from the UK 4G/5G Network.

Symbol: SMSN
Market: LSE
ISIN: KR7005930003

+1 for prioritising Samsung please (voted too) - thanks Freetrade team

LSE:Samsung share not listed on freetrade

Why isn’t samsung on Freetrade?

Samsung shares need to be added

Why no Samsung?!? We need that 5g boom!

That’s interesting, need add to watch list.

Be good to have Samsung added, they’ve been expanding EUV capacity significantly this year so they might catch up with TSMC soon.

It’s a bit soon to buy for me personally but I’d still like to see it available on FT.

Samsung Wins $6.6 Billion Verizon 5G Contract, beating Ericsson And Nokia !!!

Please Add Samsung, Freetrade.:blush:

Any updates on this?