Santander Digital Investment Adviser

Another half arsed attempt at relevance from an incumbent.


Agree it’s nothing special, and personalised advice is a very stretching statement. but I do like the questions they have to decide your risk profile (do you want £20 now or £30 in a month, given the choice would you risk a 50:50 gamble of £20:£80 or £40:£50) a bit more thought seems to have gone into that aspect.

Haven’t seen the platform and obviously won’t be investing as whatever he fees are it will be too much but interesting, I’m sure many more of these will be coming out the woodwork soon!


You’ll be happy to know that you can now “…buy your suitability report for £20.” Under “Invest with online advice”. :roll_eyes:


I like these questions. My guess would be the majority would take the £40/£50, but the ‘correct’ answer is to always take the option with the highest Expected Value (£20/£80, an EV of £50)


No ‘right’ answer in my opinion which is why I like it, it’s more about how much your willing to loose rather than focusing on how much you hope to gain

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