Search functionality improvements

Hey all :wave: We have now shipped some improvements to our search, which should tackle a lot of the issues raised here. We will, however, continue to monitor and iterate on our search settings. Hope this has helped! :slightly_smiling_face:


Using the โ€˜Intelโ€™ test search I get this displayed, where I have to scroll up a few screens worth to get to Intel at the top of the list.

Weโ€™re you maybe a bit fast in checking? Or perhaps itโ€™s being rolled out

Definitely seems to be an improvement

@jani thanks to the team talking on the feedback and improving this so quickly. Makes a big difference


I checked all of the above searched 3 minutes after the post and they all seem fixed for me. I am on iOS?

Thank you! All of the above seem to be working nicely and I just bought opening positions in SE and MELI on Freetrade so a little more FX revenue for the teamโ€ฆ


Android. Same problem when searching for INTC - first entry in the result set but I have to scroll up to get there. ( SSE is the same )

I imagine it hasnโ€™t been rolled out on Android yet then as all of the above are fixed in iOS.

Its not a search issue anymore, it just default takes you to the bottom of the list, rather than the top.

Not for me. In another example searching for AZN positions AB Inbev at the top of the screen. I need to scroll up to get to Astra Zeneca at the top but I can also scroll down through countless other stocks.

Yeah, same for me on Android, seems like a bug as a search for intel puts intel at the top of the list, but it takes you to the bottom of the list.