Search improvments


It’s been great seeing that Freetrade is adding new stocks and etf’s on regular basis. What is not great is searching for them in the app (It’s horrible to be honest). There has been countless threads about impriving search but seems nothing is changing.

Browsing endless list of symbols is horrible, tedius and unmaintanable.

How can freetrade advertise itself as community oriented when this community isn’t heared and respected?

Can we get an actual update to search?

New stocks and ETFs are shown in the “Newly added” section in the Discover tab.

They may have other priorities (like changes for the European expansion etc) which take precedence, or have other plans for developing search/discover (in which case it’s pointless adding new bits if you plan on re-working it). Freetrade do read the forums and a lack of specific acknowledgement shouldn’t be taken as them being tin-eared or disrespectful.